Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Akhilesh Yadav to suspend UP Vidhansabha to fight power crisis

16, Sep 2012 By zlord

The young chief minister of Utter Pradesh today announced the closer of UP Vidhansabha for indefinite time. While talking to news reporters he explained the move as foresight-full. He told that it would be beneficial to farmers if they get the electricity all time. Our MLAs are not anymore discussing about legislation. They are trying to arrange cars for themselves so that they can reach their constituencies. Hence the power consumed in Vidhansabha can be saved for poor farmers. This would also help the country reduce the load on the national grids. Amid speculation on law and order situation in UP, the chief minister’ father has said that the young Akhilesh is doing all the right things for the people of the state. It’s a wise decision taken by my son, FN reporter was told. Meanwhile distressed Mayawati has raised her concerns about switching off lights on statues build in under her regime. It will harm the dalit cause as lights are being taken away from their moment of glories. She has written a letter to PM asking for president rule in the state. She also told media persons that criminals are out on streets since police can’t identify them in the absence of lights. It’s Gundaraj. People must carry lanterns along with them so that these criminals can be spotted. In national capital BJP has also cried this as a farcical event. Uma Bharti organized a press conference, where she said I told you it was coming. Because these people have come to power by misguiding the aam aadmi, they have no vision to keep the Vidhansabha’s lamps burning. They are busy thinking only about their own welfare. No one in this government cares about the image of UP. It’s all power game. She also asked president to dismiss the Samajwadi party itself and let the people choose their right leader. The elections are coming; she informed the jam packed media. This government is worth nothing; it shall be dismissed immediately and elections should be held afresh. When approached to Kapil Sibal about Congress’s view, he whispered in Digvijay Singh’s ears that you are going to be the next chief minister of the state. He told news reporters that a call would be taken on this matter as soon as we decide role of Rahul baba in government. These fierce fights have seemed to affect Akhilesh, as he has asked for a debate on the matter. The result of this debate could also lead to roll back the decision. He is expert in that, a Samajwadi party worker told FN reporter on condition of anonymity. New reports coming from Gujarat and Bihar claims that both chief ministers have started to attack UP government. Modi is believed to say that make UP a part of Gujarat. While Nitish Kumar just hinted that young leader means not so young.