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AIWA demands Special Identification tags for Husbands like Cows in Haryana

18, Mar 2015 By sushantrath

As per the latest article published in the Indian Express, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) format will soon be extended to cows as the Haryana government has decided to introduce ‘Special Identification Tags’ (SI Tags) with unique identification numbers for ‘Haryana’ cows, an indigenous breed found in the state. Each cow will have a 12-digit unique identification number and an ID card will be fixed as tags around its neck. The owners will be provided with a booklet, in which they can fill cows’ “data” every day.

Wives on strike
Wives from AIWA, demanding tags for Husbands

Inspired by the decision of Haryana Govt, the All India Wives Association (AIWA) has demanded similar tags for husbands. Speaking to a press conference Smt. Magna Prasad, President of the Association emphasized that thousands of crimes related to cheating are being reported in the country where a married person is cheating innocent girls. She raised a serious question why the Husbands have all the fun by not tagging while there are many social tags for wives in Indian Society.

Showing a number of examples from Bollywood and Politics she described the plight of  Rekha to Sunanda and created an emotional environment in the press conference. She become highly inconsolable during the Press Conference and broke down like Kejriwal broke down in a meeting after defeat of AAP in Loksabha Election. Many electronic media anchors also chocked in their respective studio while broadcasting the press conference live.

Finally she demanded a more comprehensive JanTag Bill (she forgot to notice that cows are not Jan) to be passed in the present session of parliament, otherwise she will  be on fast-to-death at RamLeela Ground for demanding tags for Ram (sorry Husband).