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Airlines worried about growth in sale of India bound one way tickets. Blame it on Modi

03, Jun 2015 By chanakyan

Mumbai: The major airlines flying to Indian cities are a worried lot. Beating all the historic trends there is a spurt in the sale of one way tickets to India. Traditionally the vacation season fills the coffers of the airlines with premium pricing often enough to offset the losses suffered in the lean season. Immediately by the end of the season they do see a spurt in one way tickets on out bound routes typically carrying students flying out of the country to Western Universities. The star Alliance, who noticed the trend did a brief market research on one-way ticket buyers and realized that the recent speech by the Indian Prime Minister that his countrymen need to be ashamed of being born in the country has created a sense of pride and hope in the expatriate population. The ashamed desi population who ran away from the country in the first available opportunity is in the process of creating a reverse brain drain.

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Airlines crew ready to welcome first batch of ashamed desis

The airlines are looking at innovative ways of filling up the flights in the outbound direction from India. The problem is expected to be acute after August once the student outflow comes to an end. Some are looking at optimizing and rationalizing the schedules. Predictikets, a global market research firm based in London has been roped in by a number of airlines to forecast the ticketing scenario from India. In the meanwhile a few airlines based in the Middle-east are in the process of announcing the ‘Beef-Express’ connecting Indians in the beef banned states of the country to beef destinations such as Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, AbuDhabi and Doha.