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Airlines earn huge profit as a Minister of State travels one lakh times in the last five years

09, May 2014 By vijayasarathy

At a time when the airlines in the country are reeling under huge losses, a point of hope emerges as the occupancy rate has steadily increased. Thanks to Mr. V Narayanasamy, who had flown for numerous times than even any pilot in the world.

As per a latest estimates by a private research firm, Mr. Narayanasamy could have travelled by air for a whooping 1,00,000 times during the past 5 years. The earlier record was by an experienced pilot who flew for 42,500 times.

Not only this, a private research agency also estimated that thousands would have got employment directly and indirectly due to the Minister. Some of his achievements as a minister are:

1. Direct employment to reporters appointed exclusively to interview Mr. Narayanasamy at major airports across the country – 850 persons.

2. Indirect employment by way of Cameras, security forces, car drivers, extra plane maintenance staff, news readers etc. could be more than a thousand people.

3. The airport maintenance fee charged by various airports across the country has also got a lions share from this single person.

When asked about the research estimates, Mr. Narayanasamy has replied that “This clearly shows the welfare activities carried out by him and the Congress government. All the travel costs borne by the government for my travel are distributed to thousands of people and thereby we are providing employment to many youngsters”.

Mr. Rahul ji has asked other ministers too to travel across the country and also to other countries so that India can provide employment not only to Indians but also to people across the globe.

Mr. Narayanasamy is also confident of breaking the record maximum number of interviews by any person in the world.

CEO of a private carrier said that all ministers of Central Government and State Governments have to take him as a  model and travel at least in 5 flights a day so that all the airlines could turn profitable.