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Air India to get National Bravery Award for taking a step

15, May 2017 By Piyush Samsukha

Delhi. Air India, the perfect Indian airlines which strictly adheres to the Indian Standard Time of “Bas paanch minute aur” and the retirement option for budding air-hostesses, has been given the chance to add another feather to it’s cap. The UNESCO best government has now decided to award it the national bravery award along with several others on 26th January, 2018. The announcement came in this early so that Air India could finally make somewhere on time.

The great Airline gets a great award
The great Airline gets a great award

The announcement came as a result of Air India suspending MLA Ravindra Gaikwad for a grand total of 2 weeks and managed to uphold it despite Ravindra Bhau using different pseudonyms such as COol_DuDe_R_Gaikward to book his air tickets on the same. A PSU which didn’t want to be named fearing a backlash in Mumbai said that it appreciated the move which had been taken by Air India. He was proud of the fact that the employees did work without actually suspending it or sending over the matter to the Babu at the next counter.

Contacting AIr India, our correspondent found out that the news had surprisingly travelled fast and Air India chiefs were seen distributing Rasgullas in the head office. Also, in praise was the Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju who compared Air India to Lord Ganesh and was sighted quoting, “Just like Lord Ganesha comes in for a few days and help clear evil for few weeks before the visarjan and the dance accompanying with it, Air India too did the same by suspending COol_DuDe and then everything became the same.”

Confused by the strange alliteration, and saying that this reminded them of Tarun Vijay’s comments, Air India chief said that he took it as a compliment and was using this scene as a way to inculcate good corporate culture and then backing off from the same due to pressure from “upar” and he has decided to commemorate the situation by designing a logo for the event. Already hired along with Maharajah is the elephant Appu from Asian Games, who despite being overweight has vowed to better his shape so that he looks cool as well when Maharajah is perched on his back and has to be taken on round on republic day.