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AICTE introduces "Copy Paste" as a subject in engineering syllabus

20, Aug 2014 By fake840

New Delhi : AICTE has taken a drastic step by introducing “Copy Paste” as a subject in engineering syllabus, a move long advocated by IT companies in India.

“This is a boon for us , now we won’t have to waste 6 to 7 months to understand our work,” says jubilant Rajesh a final year student. Most of the engineering students end up in IT sector. “This is really important part of the job,” says manager of a reputed firm.

Students celebrating.
Students celebrating.

Reacting to this news, HR managers have shown quite a bit of enthusiasm. “Now we don’t need to ask about the projects in final year to assess proficiency of the student in copy-paste , we can directly ask about their grade in the subject.”

“I completely support AICTE’s decision but this alone is not sufficient enough. How to use Google is also an important tool,” says Ramesh a working professional.

Meanwhile, various hardware companies have announced special keyboards with just copy-paste buttons exclusively available on e-commerce site Flipkart.

“This keyboard is a revolution it can save up-to 80%  time required in copy paste. And also, absence of alphabetic keys means reduction in internet surfing while in office, which is roughly around 90% of data used,” says Suresh vice president of of well known hardware company. These companies are hopeful that this new product would be well received by various organisation.