Sunday, 25th March, 2018

AIADMK worker beats Darren Sammy, thinking he's Subramanian Swamy's relative

13, Oct 2014 By secularchacha

AIADMK worker Muthupadiyan was arrested by the Kochi police when he tried to beat West Indian all-rounder Darren Sammy.

“This is outrageous maaan, I dunno, why he came ta beat me,” cried a scary Darren Sammy. “I wuz having ma practice session at ta netss, when dis fat, small dark guy, came and hith me. He also kept saying Adi-Adi-(Beat in Tamil), I guess he wanted ma Adidas Shoes, and when I removed ma shoe, he lifted his towel(lungi), curled his tongue and cried ‘Daiiiii!!!’.. finally the security dragged him away!”

Later on interrogation the AIADMK worker said he beat Darren Sammy, as he thought that he was Subramanian Swamy’s relative and wanted to hold him hostage to release AMMA.

When this incident was brought to light Subramanian Swami had a hearty laugh!