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Ahead of elections, Cyber police to seize online payment above 50k; appoints virtual inspectors at payment gateways

01, Apr 2014 By manithan

Ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, if anyone is caught without proper records for carrying cash above the sum of 50000 Rupees, then it is seized by the police.

While crores of unaccounted money are being seized with the help of this check, Election Commission is still suspicious of funds being transferred via other sources.

Election Commission released a new flow diagram for online payment process and asked for customer to bring proper records while buying online
Election Commission released a new flow diagram for online payment process and asked for customer to bring proper records while buying online.

Speaking to the press, Election Commissioner said, “Our Indian police is really doing a commendable job in foiling the attempts of politicians to reach the voters via cash. We have routed around crores of rupees that were alleged to be taken to the constituencies for paying the voters. But still, there were attempts via private banks too. So in a foresighted attempted, we have already deployed cyber police to monitor online fund transfer”.

He further explained, “Suppose, we see Fund Transfer in online banking systems, our cyber police will immediately check the money before it is sent to the other person account. Though this happens in the back end, our cyber police will deploy virtual inspectors who will arrive at unexpected times in payment gateways like CCAvenue and other similar sites. Just as you buy expensive items, they will catch you red-handed”

From yesterday, people purchasing high-end laptops and mobiles had their virtual cash being seized as soon as they entered CCAvenue site or other similar transaction sites.

Rahul Singh, a diehard shopper at FlipKart, said, “I had a minor heart attack when the virtual inspector intercepted while I was buying a new 60K laptop and asked records. I immediately showed him scanned copies of my physics lab record. He got angry and the next second, my money was seized. I am going to sue them all. I am waiting for a mobile app to file e-petition.”

Almost all online shopping websites faced heavy loss due to this announcement from Election Commission and threatened to take down the sites, if they continue doing this online inspection of funds.

In another news, there were sudden increase in the bank accounts linked to Aadhar cards of its holders. The voters were rejoiced on seeing money for the first time in their bank account and promised to vote for Congress for next 150 years to get more such money.

This fund transfer has happened with without the knowledge of the Election Commission and Police. While the news channels are silent in this issue (awaiting for some controversy on Modi), social media took it by storm (which the Twitter India successfully sabotaged and suggested trends like #WhatILikeInSalman and #SatyamevaJayate, which the users immediately grabbed for fighting).