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Agni V arrested in fake TA-DA claim charges

28, Jan 2014 By amit21mech

India’s main strategic missile, ICBM 5000 km range Agni V have been arrested on charges of corruption. Police has informed that Missile was claiming TA-DA for full 5000 km but has travelled only 3000 km in her 2 tests flight.

Agni V

Subsequently siblings of Agni V, including already inducted Agni 1 and Agni 2 are also being investigated. Defence Minister have not ruled out investigations against Agni’s other cousins i.e Prithvi, Akash, Trishul. It is very serious as these missiles were developed by DRDO for India’s safety but instead these have been found compromising with national security for money.

Scientists and other Govt people handling Agni V are in shock to know that Agni V has done this. The fuel engineer has shown all receipts and certificates which proves that Agni V was given enough fuel to last 5000 kms. Similarly Flight Control Team director showed all flight paths which were fed into Agni V along with targets. He suspects that Agni V must have fiddled with main computer which showed target “destroyed” in each test to fool the investigators. Ships tracking the flight path of Agni V have also shown their logs which shows Agni V have “completed” 5000 km but experts in DRDO tells that it was possible that Agni v sent fake signals to these ships.

Meanwhile Doctors of AIIMS, who conducted medical tests of Agni V after the arrest have confirmed that Agni V showed same virus as seen in Govt employees. These virus known as “TA-DA” virus is know to have infected all most 99% of Govt employees in India. Government Employees infected by this virus are seen claiming fake TA-DA, LTA and other expenses. So far doctors have not been able to find any vaccination or cure for this. This virus largely infect Govt employees but NGO and Pvt sector have also seen cases increasing in their sectors. Doctors are suspecting that Agni V may also been infected with this virus as it has spent too much time with many Govt employees.

Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Admi Party has announced a large scale international level Dharna against Agni V and any form of projectiles in Indian Armed forces inventory. He has given Center Govt 3 days ultimatum to hand over reins of Strategic Force Command to Delhi Govt and suspending all missiles from services for impartial inquiries. He has pledged that million AAP supporters will fill silos of these missiles if his demands will not be met. On asking what Armed forces will do without missiles against enemies if they attack, Kejriwal suggested them to use Somanath Bharti’s verbal missiles instead.

BJP has cautioned the nation to see it as an International agenda of enemies of India to weaken India by such conspiracies. BJP spokesman promised the media that they will show documentary proof at appropriate time which will prove that it was a joint conspiracy of Dong Feng (Chinese) and Gauri (Paki) missiles to counter Indian missiles. Also BJP strongly thinks Agni V and other missiles got in to trouble because of their Hindu names.

Central Govt run by Congress and allies have promised that an impartial inquiry will be conducted and have constituted a 2 men committee headed by retired High court judge. Meanwhile some prominent leaders of Congress have shown solidarity with concerns of few political parties for just only Hindu names for these missiles. It has been promised that names will be reviewed and a reservation system would be introduced in naming process of missiles. Going by past experience of recent AAP dharna against Delhi Police Center Govt has directed Army and Strategic Force Command to send all missiles and missile looking things on leave till the inquiry is over.

Army HQ has complied with the order forthwith. Missile units, now without their missiles have been inducted in to Counter Insurgency operations (CI Ops) in Kashmir and North East in Infantry role. These missile units were the only type of Army unit left in India Army which was not inducted in to CI Ops. Army Chief as usual has expressed “ALL-IS-WELL” media briefing. Strategic Force Command HQ have been told to manage watering of trees in Delhi Cantonment till they get back the missiles after completion of inquiry.

DRDO have sought doubling of their budget so that they can get the Armed forces some new missiles in new record time. DRDO is known for completing its projects in record times. LCA Tejas took 40 years, MBT Arjun 40 years, Desi Bofors 20 years are few examples of its record time schedules for projects important for national security.

Ministry of Defence has already flown out various teams to various countries like Switzerland, Thailand, Macau etc to hunt new missiles which India can buy for its security requirements.

Meanwhile Agni V have been lodged in Yerwada Jail, Pune, where Sanjay Dutt is also supposed to spent his sentence in case of keeping illegal weapons etc. Incidentally, for a change, he was also in the jail when Agni V reached there. Sanjay Dutt was overheard asking the jailor how much for keeping Agni V for his personal security. Jailor told Sanjay Dutt,” free mein rakh lo, ab iski kisi ko koi jaroorat nahin.”