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After Yoga Indian wants to have 'World Aachar Day' to celebrate art of Pickle making

25, Jun 2015 By Harsh

New Delhi: 5000 years of rich civilization in India has produced some finest work in art, science ,astrology,music and many more discipline. On one hand we have Yoga by Patanjali, Ayurveda by Shushrut & Charak which are as old as human civilization, we also have some recent inventions by brilliant minds such as Theory Of  Zero Loss by Shri Kapil Sibal and Theory of Escape Velocity from Poverty by Shri Rahul Gandhi.

The Art of Pickle Making
The Art of Pickle Making

Our PM has provided us much needed virtual patent on Yoga this year by World Yoga Day on 21st June. Encouraged by such recognition on world forum several citizen groups are now putting demand to celebrate Art of Pickle(Aachar) making. There is no standard Sanskrit scripture to describe this art but Indians have preserved this art by transferring knowledge from one generation to the other.

Years after years people have prepared pickle of various fruit & vegetables. The importance of pickles have grown in every generation specially in recent days when Murgi (120Kg) = Daal (120Kg) . So when people cant effort luxuries in their food plate, Achar invariable comes to rescue.

NRI’s swears by homemade aachar which they somehow managed to hide from baggage check counters. Over the years we have become so obsessed with aachar that we don’t feel right  if there is no Aachar on the dinning table even if we don’t have any intention to eat one.

I am tempted to describe a hosteler’s perspective of pickle but I think its not right time because the demise of Maggie has made them virtually orphan.

So in every sense Pickle making is as much an important art  as Yoga if not more. It should be respected in every society and forum. Keeping these facts in mind the demand of ‘World Aachar Day’ seems valid and Mr. Modi should take this with full vigor. The Aachar should get its rightful place in Food and Public conscience.