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After “Work from Home”, organizations announce “Life at Office” programs

09, Sep 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Noida. After announcing “Work from Home” programs in a bid to win a position in the “Best Employer” rankings of certain magazines, several organizations have decided to offer a “Life at Office” program as well for employees.

Some people have been following “Life at Office” mantra much before the program came into existence

“Yes it is correct,” an HR person who did not wish to be named said.

“Employees can now live in offices instead of working from home. Most of the employees we surveyed were working after hours and on weekends with our work from home facility. So we thought of saving all this transport allowance nonsense and make employees live in the office itself.”

“With this ‘Work from Home’ thing, I am actually always working- even in office and at home,” Shrijit Mishra, a disgruntled employee added. “I never actually work only from home… I go home from office and then continue working at home. So this is better; at least I will be saved the pain I get from my boss’ calls while I am stuck at the DND toll, asking me to mail him that urgent spreadsheet his boss’ boss’ boss has asked for.”