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After Modi's comment in Shanghai, Residential Non Indians found disliking India's Daughter documentary on YouTube

25, May 2015 By manithan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent visit to China had commented something negatively about Indians which kickstarted the outrage from Residential Non Indians (RNIs). As a retaliation to this, RNIs had stormed social media with trends that were bashing Modi.

Modi deeply thinking about telling that 'he is being ashamed of Modi', so that his hardcore enemies might start supporting him.
Modi deeply thinking about telling that ‘he is being ashamed of Modi’, so that his hardcore enemies might start supporting him.

We then met another RNI, whose earlier Twitter bio was ‘proud world citizen, liberal’. But now, after this Modi shame speech, his Twitter bio read, ‘proud Indian, liberal’.

While we met him, he was busy in his laptop. When asked about his busy work, he said, “I’m currently disliking India’s Daughter documentary in YouTube and other video sites. Enemies of India have uploaded that vile documentary around in 47 different titles. I’m disliking those videos and reporting them abuse. Not only this, I’m busy criticising (actually he was doing the usual liberal abuse) Leslie Udwin and other such Indophobic people. If Modi says that he is ashamed of being an Indian, I will shout at the top of Everest that I’m a proud Indian. I’m not saying this because Modi said something bad about Indians in Shanghai.”

It was then we asked him, “So, you did not say in the past that you are ashamed of India or being Indian due to rapes, poverty, malnutrition, female infanticide, pollution, corruption, Hindutva extremism, internet trolling?” for which, he claimed that we are threatening him and updated the same in his Twitter account. We escaped from the spot before he could call police that we are injuring him with unanswerable questions.

Meanwhile, sources close to PMO reveal that Modi had actually challenged Chinese Premier that even the worst critics of India, RNIs, will start feeling proud of India by his trick and then he made that trick, which led to him being criticised by RNIs on media. Sources also reveal that Modi learnt this trick from RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat.