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After Lok sabha election results, MNCs freeze campus hiring

28, May 2014 By gaurav1143

Taking a cue from the fresh electoral mandate pouring in from every nook and corner of Indian television like greenhouse gases, the Association of IT Companies decided to shy away from campus recruitments from immediate effect. It was more or less the drubbing of Aam Aadmi Party which has prompted such a step. “The campus hires have absolutely no experience about the industry, they talk a lot of ideologies, want to change the system by making it more streamlined and efficient, something which we don’t really need at this hour” said one of the premier associate member of this elite group on conditions of anonymity.

A glimpse of ongoing preparation.
debating their future.

Over the years, most of IT Conglomerates depended on Tier-2 and Tier-3 Engg. College which provided them enough quota of bench strength. Not only these new hires were recruited for peanuts, but they also led to an increased work force or rather say resources and man power. However,  a not so independent survey conducted by AC Nelson Mandela,  40-50% of these new hires either left the company for higher studies or for better packages.

The parent companies spent lakhs of rupees on appeasing these new low paid hires by conducting random and occasional events like fashion shows, Independence day celebrations, etc.

The survey proved the market pundits wrong yet again. The severe losses made by the new party AAP in Lok sabha 2014 elections was the final nail in the coffin. “That is it”, said Aziz Shah, CEO of Bata Consultancy Services(BCS). ”We spend a tremendous amount of capital recruiting these new hires, most of our experience managers who donot have any work take only interviews for this purpose and then training (read appeasing) them. And the end result is preposterous. One of campus recruits left us saying she was getting married, the last heard she switched her loyalties to our competitor”, he added later.

The engineering students all over the country, which has been hit hard by this sudden move has joined hands and promised a national movement followed by dharnas.

“This whole system is flawed.. Freshers being fickle minded is just a pretext used by the MNCs, instead they have their own interests in it. We(freshers) tend to do better than their experienced lot and that leads to EPs(exp. Professionals) being expelled. They are just being protective about their own jobs and trying to cut down the competition. And the whole idea is illegal and biased. And this is what we are fighting for”, said Anand Kejriwal, popularly known as AK among this batch mates. He continued further saying “This is not my fight, its fight of all the common engineering students who cannot afford to be entrepreneurs, both financially and intellectually”. Our correspondent had  to literally pull away his mike to stop him from saying any further.

With campus hiring coming to end, there is sense of jubilation among experienced lot. “There has been a sudden surge of more than 30% of people uploading their resumes on our sites”, said the spokesperson from Shine.com, whose only source of traffic otherwise was spasm mails sent to an individual. Narad Moody aka NaMo who worked up his ranks from a software engineer to Delivery Head uploaded his selfie on his official twitter handler showing a victory sign. “These kids(freshers) were never a competition. A lot of hoopla had been created around them. I am happy that finally we have won”, he said with a broad smile on his face. When asked if even he was a fresher at some point of time, he cooked up a story saying how he served tea to professionals early in his career and move up the ranks. We found his story a fiction in our verification.

Whatever the intent may be, AK has decided not to sit back and relax. He admits that his batch mates have made mistakes in past and they should have taken their peers in confidence before making a switch. He said that there is a wide spread resentment among his and other college students, and they are ready to take on people like NaMo. However, he never clarified how they planned to do so despite of our correspondent probing about it. “We are engineering students, we never plan this in advance, it would be an impromptu act”, said someone feebly from the crowd, but was hushed up by AK.