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After effects of foreign universities approval by HRD

14, Sep 2013 By hydprince4ever

In the wake of news that India has allowed foreign universities to be set up in India, universities from Pakistan are unhappy due to restriction of only top 400 universities allowed.

Pakistan’s minister for education Mr. Saeed has claimed it as yet another conspiracy act by India against Pakistan. India is hindering development of Pakistan and not allowing Pakistan to develop by following conservative policies. Education minister garnered support from sports minister who likened the event with the exclusion of Pakistan players from IPL. “India is jealous and afraid that Pakistan Universities will admit all Indian Students.” he quipped.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, Aklesh a class 12th student has downloaded all youth movies from internet and has started watching them, His collections include American Pie series, eurotrip etc. On enquiry, it was revealed that Aklesh believes that foreign universities operating in India would operate the same way as shown in those movies.

For instance, you could share the  with a girl/guy as per preference. He also dreams about making his entire graduation years legendary barney-ishtyle. Further, he has already planned his for the Halloween party next year and met his tailor to stitch Shaktiman suit.

The Bajrang Dal were opposed to the idea of granting approval to foreign universities. They claim that our culture will be destroyed permanently by entry of foreigners on the pretext of education. Indians are clever and knowledgeable and instead of foreign universities coming here, we should go abroad and teach.

One of the officials from government was mulling over the idea of reservation to foreign students and he has support in the form of tweaking admission process to existing b-schools.

He has plans of giving grace marks to foreign Girl Students much like the Ivy-league b-schools offering grace marks in admission process to non engineer, non male, non IT and general category candidates. “arey reservation tho dena hi padgea…varna diversity kahan se aayegaa. Akhir, diversity hi tho chahiye college mein. Look at India, unity in diversity. Same way, Diversity in college is good.”