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After correct prediction of Hinjewadi IT park traffic, analyst gets promoted to director

04, Jul 2014 By sandiptd

Pune : Traffic jams on Hinjewadi Chowk is a daily issue. Techies have time and again complained about this issue.

Realising that the primary reason for the snarls is the use of private vehicles by IT employees and unpredictable office hours, an analyst from one of the biggest traffic contributor from Hinjewadi Phase 2, who was on the bench for last 6-7 months took initiatiateve to put his contribution and showcase his analysis and forcasting skill to his employer and impress project managers.

He took online servey and did in detailed googling and worked closely with traffic police by standing and observing hours at traffic bottlenecks like Wakad bridge , Hinjewadi chowk etc .

He came up with perfect weekly traffic prediction on hourly basis which was almost impossible to predict otherwise. This initiave not only helped his collegues but entire IT employees at Hinjewadi . Impressesd his contribution and hardwork his organizantion promoted him to the post of Director of ananlysis team .