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After 2nd October, Goa to drop 15th August from public holiday now since it became independent in 1961

17, Mar 2015 By sunnyyy

Goa: Recently the Government of Goa dropped 2nd October from the list of the official holidays. The dropping of 2nd October was allegedly done to support the casino industry since people drink and gamble in huge amounts to commemorate Gandhiji on his birthday.

“Last year, the casinos and the local matka owners had to close down their shops since 2nd October was a holiday and they had to suffer huge losses since people wasted their money on other important things like online shopping and online cab booking. It cost us a lot of revenue since we own huge stakes in those matka kulfis sorry, matka casinos.. To prevent this mishap, Govt. decided to axe 2nd October holiday. Moreover, Gandhiji never came to Goa to have fun like chilling out on the beaches, doing adventure sports or having exotic drinks, that is our major contention with him.” Official of Government unofficially revealed to Faking News as he checked calendar for other holidays to axe.

He further revealed, “To compensate for our losses due to irrelevant public holidays, we have decided to axe 15th August now since it doesn’t really matter to us because we were annexed to India in 1961 and before that we were under Portuguese rule. We may declare holiday on the Independence day of Portugal or may be on the birthday of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

According to our hippie sources, there has been no confirmation on the axing of 15th August holiday as of now. If official statements are to be believed but who believes in them, the axing of 2nd October was a mischief and it was done by an employee to flaunt his sense of humor.

Congress spokesperson is blazing all guns on BJP after this incident, he said, “when they don’t want to declare 2nd October as a holiday, what would they do about 14th November, they probably won’t even recognize that Nehruji was ever born. They might declare Rahul Baba’s birthday as a retardation day or something.