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Advertising professional fired for not following his passion

17, May 2017 By ajay soni

Bangalore. Apparently, a 24-year-old youngster from Dibrugarh was forced into depression by his colleagues because he did not quit the job after a year to follow his passion, he is currently admitted in Papa Johns Hospital, in Madiwala, Bangalore.

He tells us that it was his first job and he was very excited about it, but since he was from village area, he was having a tough time to fit in. But then after a few days, he observed that the hottest topic at the agency was about “quitting the job and following your passion”

Birjesh (name unchanged) tells that he had no such passion for anything else, initially, he told people that his passion is this job itself which was not taken very nicely and he had to eat and smoke with the interns.

He always used to remain very sad
He always used to remain very sad as he never knew what his hobby actually was!

After a month of hanging out with interns Birjesh had no self-esteem left, so he decided that something needs to change. He went to research websites like Scoopwhoop, Buzzfeed and Storypick and made a list of 25 passions that can be pursued, it included currently hot professions like stand-up comedy, youtub-ing, starting a company, and little-established ones like, acting, singing, photography etc.

After a lot of mental masturbation, Birjesh decided to pick travelling as the passion because reading didn’t go with his face and other things needed talent.

Soon he became a strong part of the groups and stopped hanging out with the interns, everything was going fine. He used to discuss his passion for travelling with his colleagues, every evening they used to take chai break and fantasise about resigning and taking the leap of faith. He was enjoying this new found office life and was also becoming popular among the ladies.

But all good things have to come to an end, after a year or so, almost everyone in his batch resigned, to pursue their passion. While his colleagues were waiting for their new lives Birjesh was worried that his pseudo passion will not be able to save him for long and his lies will be in front of all.

Everyone started inquiring him about the resignation; even the HR didn’t put his name in the secret Santa list for the coming Christmas. Because evidently the entire agency was prepared for the fact that Birjesh will go on a solo bike trip to Ladakh.

This was giving him stress; he started taking work from home and sick leaves more often. While everyone at the agency was worried about why Birjesh was not sharing images with captions like “Mountains are calling”. But one fine day the pressure cooker blasted and Birjesh, told everyone, that he doesn’t have any passions he is not going to Ladakh, he is rather planning to get a job in the bigger ad agency on the next street. It was shocking news for his colleagues and everyone abandoned him as if he was some intern. Unable to handle all this, poor Birjesh jumped from the first-floor balcony.

Our reporter also spoke with his colleagues about this sad incident, Bipul a media executive and an aspiring philosopher told that Birjesh was suffering from bipolar disorder he suddenly changed from being a passionate wanderer to a dead corporate slave and broke our hearts, he wished for his fast recovery.

Another Client Servicing executive Madan Kaamnath, who aspires to be an entrepreneur said, that Birjesh disappointed him; it was Birjesh’s passion which inspired him to stay hungry and stay foolish. Mr Madan is a Steve Jobs’ fan who doesn’t wear socks and repeats the same t-shirt for days. He aspires to develop a car – dent removal technology.

The founder of the agency Mr Varsha Krishnanani said that Birjesh was a talented guy, but now that he doesn’t have any passion we can’t keep him here, we have to fire him. He also told that in order to survive at this job you need some motivation and this industry is very demotivating, so they only keep people with some other passion. When informed that, Birjesh is passionate about his job Mr Krishnanani started laughing and ordered the security to kick our reporter out of the company.