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Adidas launches Protesting Shoes

30, Jun 2012 By

Herzogenaurach (Germany): In a press conference yesterday, Herbert Hainer, CEO of Adidas, launched new type of shoes, Herbert said, “These shoes are perfect example of innovation! No one has even dared to think like his before, we made shoes multi-purpose.”

Then he removed the cloth from the box at his side and showed the world new type of shoes and said ” These shoes are called, ‘Protesting Shoes’.”

None of the reporters were sure what these shoes are exactly but all of them clapped nevertheless.

Our reporters were first to understand the concept. These shoes were made for protesters all over the world. Herbert continued, ” Throwing shoes at politicians is a trend now. The trend was started by Muntadhar al-Zaidi in Iraq, our company, as always is a first identifier of an emerging trend. We understand the public demand and are ready with our new product. “

We asked how they are different from everyday, casual shoes. Hainer answered, ” Obviously, you can use any shoe to throw, but answer me a simple question. How many of these shoes have actually got there aim? No one. And this is the main problem. We have solved these problem with two-steps. Firstly, we made our shoes really lite. Second step is really awesome! We have added sensors in our shoes. Suppose, today I want to throw shoe at Arnab Goswami, you all know even while sitting during a debate at his prime time show, he shifts his whole body sometimes towards right, sometimes towards left, now it will be very difficult for me to aim at him. But these shoes have in-built sensors, all I will have to do now is throw these shoes towards him, and they will hit him automatically.”.

Maybe for the first time, both BJP and Congress have same point of view. Both of them do not want these shoes to be launched in India.

It is possible that they are denying both know that they are the ones those shoes will be thrown at. Kapil Sibal said, ” We are subject to these shoe-throwing game, till now we were spared somehow because of bad aim of protestors.”

Even L. K. Advani supported Sibal, “I absolutely second Sibal on this, I am one of the ‘survivors’ of shoeing. We will declare bandh next week.”

There are unconfirmed reports that Manmohan Singh is going for indefinite hunger strike at Jantar Mantar from tomorrow. He is protesting so that Sonia Gandhi agrees and give order to him so he can ban the entry of these shoes. But he will only protest if police allowed him to do so.