Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Adhaar card's slow postal pace irksome

26, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A news report informed that the adhaar card of the newly born baby was issued within a short day. This is in actuality very good news for this identification document is being easily prepared. This identity proof paper holds the same value for the inland residents which the passport maintains for the non-resident Indians. Nothing can be done without this important paper. Even one’s deposited money from the bank can be obtained. Is it reasonable course?

However, what concerns most to the common people is that this one-page thin smooth officially printed document reaches the applicants’ residents by its own sluggish move. Even the tortoise will be ashamed of its speed if it is told to this small hard-shelled creature. The adhaar number is easily received online while the post-office delivery of the government document takes several weeks or months to reach. Sometimes it is not even received by the applicant. When the card is prepared by spending at least one-hundred rupees the right to avail the original does rest with the agonised applicant. But the poor applicant has to spend another amount of not-so-small money on procuring a copy of plastic covered small sized card from the private shops set up for this purpose.

The authorities’ claim of free preparation of this official card ends with the corrupt ways of the centres and the agents making this certificate. Half of the amount goes to the person sitting for computerised feeding the applicants’ details and residual amount is procured by the shop owners. At least a total amount of two hundred rupees is spent normally. Although the government gives this facility without any cost yet it has become fast earning money. For every correction or addition, the agent charges another sum. These are the worst things in this essential exercise.