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Actress Padma, wife of Sree kumar, files for divorce; to re-marry a Bhushan or Vibhushan

19, May 2015 By RT

Mumbai. Mrs. Padma Sree, a junior artist in Bollywood, has recently filed for divorce from her husband of fifteen years. ‘Sleaze and filth’ magazine caught up with her for a quick chat.

“See, my name Padma! My husband Sree kumar. People always call me as Pady, my nick name. Many think, I got Padma Shri from the Indian government, the first year I had joined the film industry. In some movies, they even added my name as Padma Shri Pady, while acknowledging extras as we ruthlessly are called that by the industry!”, the artist giggled explaining her identity bliss.

Padma spotted in a Bollywood Song
Padma spotted in a Bollywood Song

“No. I never had any titles before. My friends used to tease me that I am only good to act opposite Rohit Sharma. When I used to protest, ‘but he is a cricketer!’ they used to laugh and say ‘but, he has got talent; and you are opposite!’”, Pady mumbled when SnF asked her about her past credentials.

“Now, people started asking me, for someone in the industry for fifteen years, you deserve more than a Padma Shri. What can I tell them? Though I like this fellow Sree kumar, but now I am forced to divorce him and go search for a Bhushan or Vibhushan”, Pady told SnF.

“You see, divorces are mostly driven by society and the people around you. Anyway, I have to time my divorce and re-marriage on the same day. The moment I cease to be Padma Sree, I will have to become a Padma Bhushan or Padma Vibhushan.

When SnF asked Pady, “You make it sound like it is very easy to get these titles”, she giggled again, “For me, yes. It just takes a forcefully failed marriage. If I get a Bhushan this time around, I will go for a Vibhushan after a few years.

My grand plan for after life is, I have written a will for my name to be changed to Bharat, after my death. Also I have arranged to advertise for a posthumous marriage to a guy named Ratna. Know what I mean?”, Pady winked at SnF and signed off, positively ready to sign in some papers.