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Actress farts during emotional scene; gets slapped by director for laughing

16, Sep 2012 By adithyasiva

The whole Bollywood industry and India has witnessed something extraordinary and very shocking today. Actress Bipasha Basu (33), has reportedly farted during the shooting of a tear-shattering scene on her upcoming movie, Raaz 3D. If this was not enough for gossip, the director of the movie, Vikram Bhatt gave her three slaps across the cheek continuously for laughing after she’d done it.

“It was totally uncalled for, says an angry Mr. Bhatt, “she should know her limits and if she wants to let one rip out and laugh during a very integral scene of the movie, then she should never sign up for any film again due to lack of seriousness. We are human beings too. We didn’t bathe, shave and dress up for a hard day to witness such a gruesome behavior. “

“All the reports of me letting one rip out during shooting are completely fictional and was created by the director himself because he wanted to oust me out of this movie. This was just a lame media gimmick from him to drop me from the project. A simple ‘Get lost’ would have sufficed. Publicizing such a stupid incident shows one thing. He is a complete pussy, ” says a red-cheeked Bipasha.

According to Mr. Bhatt and other cast and crew of the project, Bipasha let one rip out continuously during shooting, and laughed her wits off after doing so. The lead star of the movie, Emraan Hashmi, the serial kisser of Bollywood, claims he is blessed by the almighty that such a thing did not happen when they were shooting an intimate scene only a few hours before this incident took place.

“Please don’t ask me anything about it. I’m just so shocked right now because of this unbelievable incident. I’m going on a break from this project. I just cannot resume immediately,” says a shocked Emraan Hashmi.

Social activists have already started protesting against the rest of the cast and crew on the basis of violation of basic human functionality which basically is, a fart.

“It is a purely natural thing, a member says, “and if these dimwits think they are so perfect and have never farted in their lives, they are just plain assholes. We support Bipasha for standing up for herself.”

Should we believe Bipasha or the rest of the cast & crew of Raaz 3D? In a competition as tough as 1 against all, as Emraan says, the almighty can decide that.