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Activists allege that detention of Pakistani tourist Naved is illegal

07, Aug 2015 By thementalist

Udhampur: The human right activists, Aadarsh liberals and media today cried foul over illegal and more importantly non-secular imprisonment of Sri Naved aka Kasab 2.0. According to our sources Sri Naved was on a sight seeing tour of Jammu area (similar to what Sri Kasab was doing in Mumbai) when a vehicle full of Kaffurs armed with dangerous weapons arrived and attacked them for no apparent reason. As Sri Naved clarified later, “Me and my innocent friend were doing some shooting in the air in horizontal direction. We were not shooting vertically because you know it can be dangerous since bullets can fall back on us. Suddenly some armed Kaffurs attacked us, we managed to send two of them to Jahannum, unfortunately my friend become martyr”.

A tourist named Naved arrested by inhuman Police during sight-seeing, labeling him a terrorist
A tourist named Naved arrested by inhuman Police during sight-seeing, labeling him a terrorist

One human right activist Ms Kichaduchal on condition of being named as well as being photographed told us that it is not the shooting incident that they are particularly worried about. She said, “Shooting was fine, we can accept one innocent martyr if it is for two Kaffurs. But after this Sri Naved decided to go somewhere else and continue the shooting like any other innocent tourist. On his way, he saw some villagers and asked them politely to accompany him and they agreed. However, later those villagers turned out be Kaffurs as well. They betrayed Sri Naved when he lowered his guard just for minute to eat something. By villagers own admission, Sri Naved asked them to take him to some place safe but Kaffur villagers deliberately misled him in some other direction and ultimately overpowered him.”

“This incident sets indeed a very dangerous precedent. It shows that not only Kaffurs can not trusted at all but you see there is no respect for the due procedure at all. I mean Sri Naved was stopped to eat something and these uneducated villagers grabbed him by neck and took his gun. It also means that minorities are not even allowed to eat in Hindu month of Shrawan. Is this the Acche Din Mody had promised? Hence it is against the idea of India and we demand immediate release of Sri Naved.” Another human right activist added.

When our reporter asked activists what these innocent tourist were doing in a such a dangerous place full of Kaffurs, Ms Kichaduchal explained “Sri Naved and his martyr friend are environmentalist at heart. This Amarnath yatra is causing so much damage to secular environment of Kashmir so they decided to educate these Kaffurs about it. They would have taught some very important lessons, had those armed Kaffurs not come in the way, so you see present regime is against all types of green initiatives”. Ms Kichaduchal concluded.