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Activist lost his family in a bomb blast, campaigns against death penalty of the terrorist

29, Jul 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: The usual reaction of any person who had lost his family members in a bomb attack would be to hang the person responsible for the bomb blast. Some even go a mile ahead, wishing how they would kill the terrorist who was responsible for the terrorist attacks which had taken away their friends or someone who lived across their street.

Similar intellectuals echoed Tushar’s comments and said ‘Terrorists are very friendly people. One should be friends with them to know how cool they are’.

But Tushar Nair, a 45-year old activist and a well known Intellectual, stands tall amongst this usual blood-seeking communals. Having lost his wife, son and daughter in a gruesome terror attack ten years ago in Mumbai, Tushar is now leading the call for canceling the death penalty of the sole terrorist who was behind the bomb blast that killed his family.

Sanghi Ram (name & religion changed) who is now getting ready to face the execution next week had been trying his best to escape the noose. While there were usual calls from the usual suspects to cancel his death penalty on various grounds ranging from his religion to his mental instability (not due to religion though), petition from Tushar Nair seemed to have shocked even the rest of liberals and activists.

One such activist said, “We calling for the rejection of death penalty of terrorists is fine. We never witnessed any bomb attacks and we mostly retire back to our AC rooms with glass of wine after condemning any terror attack and delinking it from religion in our tweets. But, Tushar lost his most loved family in that terror attack, for which this person is going to be hanged. This is shocking. Does he really bat for it? Or is he planning to finish him like how Naseeruddin Shah did in ‘AWednesday’?”

We finally managed to get in touch with Tushar. Sporting a smile, he said, “I had been raising my voice against oppression of minorities in India ever since my college days. And now, with a Hindutva government at the centre, I’m worried about the state of minorities. I had even signed petition to block death penalty of Guru and Kasab. And, this person who had planted a bomb that killed my family….. well… my family members were from majority. No matter how many people die, majority is anyway going to lose only a small fraction. But, if minorities are hanged or killed, then it is a great blow to their population. And that is why, I initiated a signature campaign against death penalty granted to that terrorist. I would even accept him as member of my family, upon his release, to prove that I’m a secular and my ideology is plural. Now, excuse me, I need to prepare letter template to save future terrorists from being hanged.”