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AAP's revolutionary and ambitious plan of assigning honesty index to every citizen of Delhi

07, Feb 2014 By sudhanshu raj singh

This may come as a shocker for many but this is true. Our highly placed sources have reported that AAP leadership has come up with a detailed mechanism to assign Honesty index to every citizen of Delhi.

Honest people

Faking news has also accessed the process which will be used to determine this index. Every citizen will have to go through a sting test. Then the marks obtained by that citizen will be divided by the marks obtained by Party supremo Arvind Kejriwal in that similar sting test. This will give that citizen’s HI (honesty index).

A very senior psephologist and party strategist is believed to be the brain behind this idea. Obviously Mr. Kejriwal will have the  greatest HI i.e 1.Party leadership has decided that all those who have HI<0.5 will be criticized severely and will be branded dishonest and BJP agents. All 25 persons in Kejriwalji’s most corrupt list and all policemen will be awarded a Big zero, quipped a senior leader on the condition of anonymity . Party spokespersons seemed to be very happy with this idea as they  believe, now  they will have something logical and Hi-Fi to defend their party in TV news debates. Former Journalist and now party spokesperson Ashutosh was overenthusiastic as he tweeted prematurely: “My Honesty index is 0.88 as per our party’s newly developed formula.If you want to know yours..donate at”. When contacted he said that he will nullify his shortcomings in English language by his competence in HI formula. He was pretty confident that now he will give Arnab hell on newshour debate. He is pressuring AAP leaders to award Arnab a very low HI to gain an upper hand. A formal announcement is expected to be made  tomorrow in AAP’s press conference. This concept is also going to find its way in AAP’s manifesto for Lok sabha elections. Meanwhile congress fearing that it is becoming irrelevant in current political discourse  is thinking about coming up with  Empowerment Index. Some murmurs were also heard in BJP  camp that they should also start working  on Hindutva index.