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AAP planning to kidnap Dawood to barter for black money

21, Jan 2014 By rofl gujju

New Delhi: Revolutionary outfit Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is planning to abduct underworld king Dawood to release Indian Black money which is in the hand of Dawood through hawala cycle.

Dawood Ibrahim
Be ready, AAP is coming.

The two incidents which reinforces this news are :

1.) Last week Mr. Shinde  said that India can capture Dawood with the help of American agency .

2.) AAP demanded to bring Delhi police under government of Delhi.

FN thirsty sources reported that sources of “D”company working in India have already informed their Bosses about this and ISI has started to take steps in this direction.

By doing this AAP wants to kill two birds with a single stone

1.) Corruption and black money is the main and core agenda on which AAP formed. By doing this AAP wants to show its commitment toward citizens.

2.) Indians simply hate Dawood, no central government – NDA or UPA got success to trap Dawood and by doing such operation, AAP will get sympathy from all India and this may help AAP in next general election.