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Aadhar Card compulsory for using public toilets : Government

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. After LPG subsidy, Government now mandates to show Aadhar Card while making use of public toilets. The Ministry of Health and Public Welfare has issued an official notification in Gazette in this regards.

And its importance skyrocketed.
And its importance skyrocketed.

The said notification shall come into force with effect from 26th January, 2014.

“This proposal will help us to streamline the mismanagement of Public Toilets Scheme introduced by the Government”, says the Departmental Minister.

It is equally applicable for Durlabh Shauchalayas as well. Now onwards, People desirous of making use of public toilets shall have to keep their Unique Identification Number Card, (Aadhar, put precisely) in their pockets.

” We’re also planning to provide a Neck-Strip totally free-of-cost, so that people under morning pressure do not forget to bring their Aadhar Card. “, says the Chief Secretary, Planning Commission of India.

The said notification has again provoked Toilet first, Temple later war among the  politicians.

“We have also planned to impose a penalty of keeping the defaulting person deprived to make use of the toilet for a period not less than seven days, for a fair conduct of the rule,” says the Union Minister.

The Opposition Party has filed a writ petition in the apex court to verify the Constitutionality of the order.

“This order will cause unnecessary hardship the people who are suffering from diarrhea. “, says the Opposition Spokesperson.

In reply, the Ministry has clarified that, “The said order shall not be applicable for diarrhea patients, who will bring the sick-certificate duly signed by the Civil Surgeon. “

The notification, however, is not applicable for the following class or classes of people:

1.Former or Present Residents of 10, Janpath, New Delhi. 2.Politicians who are under CBI Investigation. 3.Persons having their Accounts with Swiss Banks.