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A thought for a new party, BCCI

04, Nov 2013 By rharikrishna25

Yesterday was really a bursting night with all the Diwali crackers and those special films on the television with all the channels competing showing the films released a few weeks ago.

And oh, yeah it was a special day for the Cricket fans. Everyone across India and sadly, Australia would have witnessed the match. What was the reason for this sudden onset? We visited the assistants and cajoled them to speak to us.

“Our skipper Dhoni initially announced that we would boycott the elections in 2014. But then, our coach and the BCCI president suggested an idea. Why don’t we start a party of our own? Then we thought what all are necessary to start a party. We came up a few ideas. First we got to capture the media. That’s what happened yesterday. We took Tamil Nadu first and viewed their program list on Diwali. Vijay TV telecast Vishwaroopam and our Rohit Sharma did a live transformation scene from 59 runs (78b) to 209 in 158 balls.”

“Sun TV telecast Singam 2 and we heard that Surya shouts throughout the film to draw audience. So we appointed Siddhu and Shastri as our prime commentators and they shouted non-sense through out. Then Kalaignar TV put Sivaji the boss. We brought in Faulkner&co. to bring an effect that way. We didn’t care about Captain Tv or other channels because they will always boycott the elections.”


When asked about their future plans, “Now that we made our cricketers to give some  emotional speech, we have to star our campaign. First our skipper Dhoni will eat all his meals in huts of Indian villages. We also assure a doctor team by his side in case of emergencies. Then we are planning to conduct a BCCI rally to be led by Dhawan at Ahmedabad and by Sharma at Delhi so that none would start a rally in the other place. Then we have planned a talk by Ishant Sharma and Vinay Kumar who will cry on the stage through out. We will begin all our meetings and rallies by saying our motto “In the end, Cricket is the real winner” and placards with the clichés. We also wish to follow TN style at times. We will slander the opposite parties and we have a very special player for that – Virat Kohli assisted by Dhawan. All our Bowlers will be employed for calculating the escape velocities to be used for the speeches. And Our SIR Jadeja will visit all the places in Helicopter waving his hand. Our Srini mama will be the head for all this and his son-in-law Meiyappan will be the political enthusiast.”

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