Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

A snail faster than a car on Kundanhalli road in Bangalore

23, Apr 2015 By aschinch

Bangalore: A techie working in a reputed IT company in Bangalore will never forget the day when he saw a snail crawling on the footpath on Kundanhalli Signal. He took picture of the snail out of curiosity by his mobile phone.

As the signal becomes green, he again started driving his high end car towards office. Hours after when he finally reached the dreaded Graphite Indian signal, he was surprised to see the same snail of the footpath greeting him. The snail even laughed at him.

The techie can’t believe this and took another picture of the snail and compared with the previous picture. He found that it was the same snail. He posted pictures immediately on Facebook, Twitter and various WhatsApp group. Before he reached his office, he got 93 likes and his post was re-tweeted number of times.

It is learnt that the techie is under severe depression and thinking seriously of selling his car.