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A person thrashed for stopping at a red signal

22, Jun 2014 By fakebond

Pune: In a bizarre incident, a software professional and a die hard fan of a perfect show ‘Satyamev Jayate‘, Mr Ujjawal Niyam was severely beaten up by public for stopping at a red signal.

The situation was brought under control after two policemen came on bikes (without helmets) and intervened. Crowd was reprimanded for taking law into its own hand and the offender was taken to the police station for further questioning related to his strange behavior on the road.

Traffic police stopping a man for wearing helmet.
Traffic police stopping a man for wearing helmet.

In his statement, the youth remarked how he was inspired by the show to stop at red signals and how this would lead to other vehicles stopping as shown in the ad, but he got the jolt of his life when he noticed that the real is far different from the reel. Before getting motivated by this ad, he was also following the rules of the country and jumping signals with the ease of a professional and he never got caught but this show opened his eyes and he wanted to experiment it live on the battlefield (Read Pune roads).

Faking News also spoke to some of the people who had beaten the innocent victim and this is what they had to say:

” I was in a hurry for my interview and I had calculated my time based on the no of signals I will jump, but this stupid idiot ruined my chance and I got half an hour late for my interview at an MNC. Interestingly, this company makes software for Traffic Management for Europe and the US.”

“I was speaking to my GF over phone while driving and was quite confident that no one would stop at the red signal, but I had to apply breaks suddenly when this chap halted his vehicle, I nearly fell off as I wasn’t wearing a seat-belt and my GF was very upset at this sudden interruption. Police should put him behind bars for spoiling our mood and causing great inconvenience to common man “.

Meanwhile, members of ‘Red Signal Thodo Sena‘ has staged a dharna outside the police station and sessions court demanding strict punishment and a hefty fine. They have also threatened to take action and have vowed to find such culprits at various signals in the city and teach them a proper lesson.

Meanwhile, the RTO (Regional Transport Office) has taken this issue with a new-found seriousness. They would soon be issuing a circular to all the motor driving schools about the new rules and meanings of traffic signals. This would equip new drivers with the required skill sets to drive at signals without getting hurt.

An awareness drive has also been planned by the traffic police in which the new rules of the game would be dispensed to various stakeholders and representatives of the city.

“After all, our motto is ‘Safety First’ and this would help reduce altercations and accidents. The new rules are ‘Drive normally in Green, Drive fast in Red and Drive Super fast in Yellow”, said traffic commissioner of the city. When asked, which signal would signal the vehicles to stop, “Pune is now competing with Mumbai and speed is the new buzzword. We should all follow the dharma of ‘Keep Walking/Running/Driving’, you stop only when you are dead” beamed the commissioner.

This incident meanwhile has found mention in the Legislative assembly where education minister has mooted the idea of dedicating one chapter in Balbharti to ‘Traffic Sense Over Traffic Sensibilities’ so that future generations of this great state can live in peace and harmony.

A certain feisty senior journalist of a channel was seen fighting with an Old Monk guzzling editor of a competing channel on who would be the first to break this news, but THE NATION had already given the verdict around 9 PM Super Prime Time.