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A parting gift to the President : A Bollywood Musical.

19, Jun 2012 By sarathramakrish

Though talks are going on who the next president of the country would be, the incumbent has already decided up on her retirement life. The Spokesperson of Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, and her ardent fan, Arpita Dutta has decided to pen a script based on her adventures as the President titled “Pratibha in the Wonderland”. The story will span a life time of the honourable President giving the character a depth not seen in recent times in movies.

The highpoint of the movie will include her visit to CERN where she spent time understanding the rather difficult concepts of the Large Hadron Collider and the historic moment of her flying the Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet aircraft. The fictionalised situations where a young Pratibha participates in Master Chef India there by arriving for the first time in the national scenario, shot in black and white, will be added attraction of the movie. Dutta says that the script is rather dramatic and that the emotions of the President when she faces false allegation of land grabbing are too difficult to express and requires an actress of immense potential.

The decision has not yet been made on who would play the role,yet rumors are ripe with the sources saying that Meryl Streep has been approached after her stellar performance in The Iron Lady. The Filmfare poll has suggested that, Shmt. Patil’s fans wish Vidya Balan to portray her role, since they feel her recent Laavni dance has shown that Vidya has enough Marathi vigor in her to portray the Hon. President. A Kashmiri “Rauf” item song choreographed by Ganesh Acharya will be included in the movie so as to firmly send the message that the movie is a “pukka – entertainer”. Reports suggest that the movie will be produced by Love You Congress Productions Ltd. and Sanjay Jha, the co-creator of the website Humara Congress will be the director. The movie will be shot in 3D.