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A negro transformed himself into a caucasian after applying 'Fear And Lonely' fairness cream

28, Jan 2016 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi. Last week a tourist named Mazak-me Muh-Kaala visited India from a remote African country. He checked into an exotic hotel in Paharganj named ‘Aashiyana Exotica’. Due to sheer good luck the TV in his hotel room was functional. He just browsed the some news channel time. Later on, he was not sure whether he was watching animal planet or a news channel as the reporters and news anchors were making sounds such as barking, howling, screeching, whining, crying and chirping.

The effect was similar on Munh-Kaala
The effect was similar on Munh-Kaala

So later he switched the channel to the number one family channel and watched some Saas-Bahu serials. In the Saas-Bahu TV serials he saw lot of fair complexioned Bahus. Fascinated with their fairness he thought of getting a fair bride. Then came the commercial for renowned fairness cream, ‘fear and lonely’, wherein some girl was getting new job, own house and equal-equal life partner.

At that moment only he got down from the hotel room and bought a pack of the fairness cream with some shade card. He took a bath and applied that cream all over his body and thought that if the cream works as per its shade card then he would be two shades fairer in 4 weeks.

Next day when he woke, when he saw the mirror he got a pleasant surprise. He saw that some Caucasian having his facial features was looking at him from the mirror. The fairness cream had transformed his life in a day.

Now being excited, he wanted to go back to his country to share his happiness but since the photograph of him on his passport does not match from his current face he is being detained and questioned by the airport authorities. The fairness cream lived up to its name. Mazak-me Muh-kaala is under fear and is lonely.