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A Moooooo story

18, Mar 2015 By frustmanoos

The World Cow council was set up in in Moosbury, United Kingdom in 1887 by an enterprising Guernsey Cow in Britain. The council has cow representatives from various countries and breeds. Over the period of its existence, it has thrown open its doors to all cows in the world. Interestingly, the motto of the council is “Cows of the world, Unite”.

Some of the radical and path breaking actions of the council in the past include- •Enactment of Right to free sex for cows to counter the rising threat of interbreeding and forced breeding •Battle for copyrighting of the mooing sound made by cows, informally known as “battle of the moo“. The council was successful in getting a copyright for the same. •Affirmative action for socially-disadvantaged members of the cow family, including donkeys •Enactment of land acquisition bill to demarcate herding grounds

Cows listening to their rights
Cows listening to their rights

Over the last few years, the council has increasingly, come under Indian influence, much to the dismay and annoyance of other member states. A British member of the council remarked that just as how the ICC is under BCCI’s thumb, the World Cow Council has buckled under the power of Indian cows.

The major highlights of this year’s council were- 1. Demand for preferential treatment The council has demanded that India should institute a system of CIO (Cows of Indian Origin) & NRC (Non Resident Cows) to safeguard the interest of cows world over. Cows, enrolling under this scheme, would get preferential treatment for relocating to India. Also, a person consuming beef from such a cow would be liable for prosecution under Indian law.

2. Nirmal Vishwa Yojana Under the auspices of the Indian delegation, members were exhorted not to urinate and defecate in the open. This issue which is widespread brings shame and bad name to the entire cow community. It has been proposed to institute a team of experts to design a ‘Thighcloth’ to protect decency of cows.

3. International Cow Urine Day Recommended by an adherent of Baba Ramdev from India, the proposal talks of declaring Valentine’s Day as Cow urine Consumption day to highlight the importance of dairy products. The proposal talks about declaring Valentine’s Day as Dry day and toasting Wine glasses filled with Cow Urine to toast the day of love.