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A marathi flat owner denies flat on rent to a fellow ‘marathi manoos’. Gets offers from matrimonial sites and political parties

01, Jun 2015 By chote

In a bizarre incident in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, a certain Manmay Chitale (not related to Chitale Bandhu) denied a flat on rent to another ‘marathi manoos’ Patmeharsh Adhikari. Reason? Publicity and hence money (and not prejudice/bias).

No wonder reporters rushed to the spot to get some bytes as soon as the news broke out on Faking News. When asked, Manmay nonchalantly said that he wanted to garner publicity for his fledgling real estate business. This got the reporters further interested. After some further probing, the 2-peg down man couldn’t resist himself and he went on:

“Look, these days when a person of a given religion/caste/race is denied a flat or a job, the news spreads. Entire social media is abuzz with unsolicited opinions, jokes, memes and what not. This makes it a fantastic means to get noticed and publicize about you and your business. Plus denying someone an opportunity who speaks your own language is beneficial in 2 ways: 1. I am not hurting anyone’s religious sentiments 2. Proves that i am against discrimination”

An activist, for the same reason as Manmay, has also taken up the matter with some National Commission seeking a probe into the builder’s “discriminatory policy.”

Riding on the wave and impressed with Manmay’s rationale, other highly racist and discriminatory entities like political parties and matrimonial websites have opened floodgates of opportunities for Manmay. Invitiation to join a local party to contest for ward member and a “discounted rate” for putting up ads on are some of the lucrative offers that he has at his disposal.

Media promptly rushed to speak to the concerned people at to get a confirmation. They got a somewhat cryptic reply: “Indians use a person’s religion/language/region/caste as an identifier, and not necessarily for discrimination. Example: Arre wahan dekhiye, do aadmi aur ek sardar khade hain.. wahan se right le lijiyega..

We always put our customers first and hence our idea of religion/language/region/caste is twofold: 1. Its just a filter on our website which customers can use to narrow down on their choices 2. A basis of segmentation for our customers Even our brand ambassador Chetan Bhagat is just a complexionist and not a racist.”

Meanwhile, Manmay and Patmeharsh were seen going together, laughing all the way to the Bank (of Maharashtra of course, at Shivaji Nagar, Pune)