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A management Trainee made into Limca Book of Records by taking maximum photocopies in a day

29, Apr 2015 By rajeshchintamaneni

New Delhi: As most of the B-schools finished off their 1st year curriculum now they want their students to work in organizations to get real life experience. “As there are more number of people doing M.B.A than the people doing jobs in a city like Delhi it is difficult to provide an opportunity to every student”, said Upasna the summer internship cell member of Rahul Gandhi Institute of Management. Speaking to Faking News she further said, “we have been considering even opportunity we have no matter it is 5 star hotels in C.P or Road side Tea stall in Dwaraka”.

“5,61,82,937 and counting!”

When Faking News tried to speak with the trainee who has just made an entry to Limca Book of Records, he broke down and explained his process to achievement. “Even being a finance student I was never able to match the balance sheets even using the IIN. And thought I would never achieve anything in life but now I have entered to books of records only by doing photo copying of papers. Thanks to Almighty.” He finished.

Meanwhile another Gunnies record aspirant has found in Noida who is expecting to be a record holder for filling maximum number of water bottles in a company. When Faking News questioned being a post graduate didn’t he feel embarrassing to do this type of jobs, he said that he consider the dignity of labor and further added how the company has relayed upon him!

“I have been doing works like opening gates to filling bottles, stamping on papers to writing receipts, data entry and also sometimes explaining the senior colleagues how to recharge their mobiles online. In one word I am Ab de Villiers to this company” told proudly!

He is also grateful to H.R manager of the company for giving him opportunity to work there. He is so fond of grooming that he does shaving daily on hourly basis.