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A man who came for buffet dinner and left the restaurant in just an hour shocks the nation

24, Aug 2014 By sapra_kalakaar

In a shocking incident, a person named Muftkhor Singh was found leaving the India’s most popular restaurant, Carbeque Nation , in just an hour after his entry. This created a strong buzz among all the people who were waiting outside to get their tables and filling their pockets with the free of cost mouth fresheners kept at the reservation counter.


Two shocked eyewitness Peturam Sinha and Ghutna Prasad who got the same table in just 25 minutes of their waiting confirmed faking news about the incident.

“We booked a table at Carbeque Nation 2 months ago, when our parents visited Bangalore. We wanted to take them for a Buffet Dinner in a restaurant, a concept which they are never heard of, as they stay in Jharkhand where a buffet signifies a marriage function only.”

Peturam called the Koramangala branch for the booking when they informed him that they are already booked for next 2 months. “My parents visited me again after two months for this buffet dinner and today they are shocked more than me as I kept on telling them that the minimum waiting time outside the restaurant is 1 hour,” he clarified with amusement.

Another eye witness Gonu Jha , who was sitting at the next table to Muftkhor Singh also reacted, “I just finished my complimentary mock tail and 6-7 leg pieces of chicken as an appetizer in 2 hours but this man, who came after an hour, already finished his main course as well as dessert and left. I am still trying to figure out the reason as all the chicken, paneer, prawns and fish were really tasty and melted in my mouth just like ice cream.He might be suffering from some Personal Trauma,” Gonu Jha added.

The restaurant who claims to provide the softest variety of unlimited chicken, prawns and fish for just Rs.650 is under vigilance now. The manager refused to divulge any detail to Faking News and told he will investigate the matter. “For the last 6 years I have seen people come at 6.30 P.M, which is a happy hour, and leave the restaurant only after 11 P.Ms, after having food for their whole month quota. This is first incident of this kind,” he said in a state of shock.

Meanwhile,other big restaurants of the city such as Kakasur, Lauki Dhani and Ganjabi By Nature are in search for Muftkhor Singh to make him their brand ambassador to promote healthy food habits.