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A car while passing a hospital actually refrains from honking and driving rash, shocks everyone

17, Nov 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

The people of Nandibhai Government hospital were in for a shock when a car passing their hospital actually refrained from honking, so as to not disturb the patients inside. This move which is dubbed as rarest of the rare has sent the whole hospital including patients, staff and doctors into a shock.

Not in mood today to honk!
Not in mood today to honk!

One such general ward patient spoke to us, “As usual when the visiting hours were over we braced ourselves to an evening of cacophony, just as we started to see cars blaring horns, trying to overtake each other while completely disregarding the no honking signs put up around the hospital, that’s when we noticed a miracle. A car driving within the speed limit first patiently waited for the pedestrians to cross and then even refrained from honking when a tempo in front of was moving a bit too slowly. The driver patiently waited while he crossed the hospital and then gently overtook the tempo. At first I thought I had imagined it but after Mantu bhai also confirmed it, the gravity of the incident started sinking in as I sat stunned gazing at the night sky thanking someone up there who made the incident possible”.

Even the doctors looked stunned. One spoke to us, “As the light ebbed and the night started creeping we were expecting all our patients to be agitated to the point of breakdown by the noise motorists make. Even though we would prefer the windows closed but the lack of fans and proper ventilation would just suffocate them to death. That’s when we came to know about that particular motorist. In my 15 years as a medical student and 10 as a doctor, I have never ever come across such a good Samaritan. The police should check whether he has illegally immigrated to our country”.

After exhausting work and with the help of the patients who could actually see, the driver of that car was tracked. The man in question Mr Sajjan Kumar agreed to speak to us, “I haven’t done anything great, I was just following rules. Just like I wait behind the zebra crossing at a signal or never take a wrong turn or always wear seatbelts while driving and never speed up. This is what every citizen should do”.

First our reporter presumed he was high or he had some kind of a mental history but later found him to be an expat who has lived abroad all his life just recently returned to his country of origin.