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700 litres water without urinals is a disaster for Delhi, notice issued to AAP

02, Jan 2014 By Manish Aneja

Delhi: In the early days of election campaigning, DDA (Dixit Devastation Authority) did not take Kejriwal seriously on his promise of giving 700 liters water to Delhiites but as soon as the “Hand”, the symbol of Congress caught the “Broom”, the Symbol of AAP, and Kejriwal swore-in as Delhi CM on his favorite Ramlila stage and still reiterated to fulfill the given promise, DDA’s environmental conscious officials got furious.

One of the most happening places of Delhi.

DDA decided to have an urgent meeting with Environment Friendly Ministry and asked the latter to do a research on the expected consequences after mango people of Delhi gets a huge volume of water.

There are two kinds of shocks Delhiites might face, first is the mental shock of getting excessive luxury of receiving 700 liters of water, and the second is smelly funk of discharged urine from every park’s corner, hidden spaces, behind pan shops, road-side trash covered land, in front of government institutions of  Delhi, said a corrupt EM official.

While 8 pawns of congress also known as MLAs accused AAP for not being Aam Aadmi to environment. We are known for banning plastic polythene for the sake of saving cows and to promote paper industries, but this 4 days old party is ruining all our efforts, said party’s Delhi in charge Bay-Shakal  Ahmad.

Some of Delhiiets are even scared of the move being taken by AAP, as they are the residents of localities where there are numbers of “Sulabh Shauchalya”. They fear traffic jams and other hoopla in their localities because badly drunk(water) people might come to pee in such minimal charged “Sarkaari Shauchalyas” to prove themselves Aam Aadmi and expected to create chaos in a bid to pee first.

Some localites who did not have public toilets in their areas said, we were resentful to Shiela Dixit during her tenure for not giving a single “Sulabh Shauchalya” to our area, for which she had already swallowed the whole amount of 76.12 crores sanctioned for Public Discharge System(PDS)during Commonwealth games. But foreseeing the un-natural disaster, we are very happy with her for not donating a single public toilet to our locality and thanked Shiela Dixit, Suresh Kalmadi and Sonia Gandhi altogether for their corruption full-intention less favor.

Localites even requested Rahul Gandhi to not try to indulge unnecessarily in this corruption case, like he did in Adarsh Gholtala , so that no new toilet is constructed and that too under the leadership of junior Gandhi.

The impact of promise of 700 liters water is such, that property market in Delhi has seen devaluation in property prices in the areas where there are public toilets, which is just a vice-versa of Congress rule, said a local property dealer Kanhaiya Radheyshyam. Because we would grab half of the land allotted for Toilets and sanitation and make a small shop there and nearby land prices would go up, said one of the local land-mafia of Dixit’s tenure.

Fearing re-polling due to their support to greatly insensitive AAP, congress is ready to refund the money which they grabbed during Commonwealth games for the construction of new Toilets with a first time vision of “Clean Delhi-Green Delhi”.