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70 BJP ministers and their families join PM Modi in Japan; BJP says they all went to look for the black money

02, Sep 2014 By vfxguy

Delhi. Around 70 ministers from the central cabinet and BJP ruled states, along with their families, joined PM Narendra Modi on his 5 day visit to Japan. While sources in the Japanese foreign ministry say they only invited the PM, BJP issued a statement saying entire BJP contingent was there to search for black money that some Indians might have stashed in Japan.

“We are carrying 500 bags too, in case we find the money.”

Speaking exclusively with our reporter on the flight to Kyoto, senior BJP leader and part-defence, part-finance minister Arun Jaitley said, “Bharatiya Janata Party is committed towards bringing back the thousands of crores of black money stashed abroad. Thats exactly the reason we had sent our expert delegation from Goa to Brazil during Worldcup too. They were looking for black money,” he said. Reacting strongly to the media reports on the issue, he blamed the international channels for portraying such a small issue as a big problem and causing a major blow to the Indian tourism industry.

Another top leader in the BJP ranks, told this reporter that if all else fails, the NDA plans to send the Shiv Sena to force the Japanese government to loan them some money to show it as the black money that got returned. He said the 70 ministers will proceed to Australia after 5 nights, 6 days stay at the Disneyland resort in Japan, to look if there is any black money down under.

Our reporter back in India caught up with Mr.Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party when he was at the printing press getting posters printed about BJPs promise to bring back black money.

He said, ” BJP is scared that the Aam aadmi party and the media will ask tough questions on black money once their deadline expires on 3rd September.” He demanded free independent investigation to confirm if BJP was indeed serious about bringing back black money, like they promised.

On our way out of the Hotel that BJP members were staying in, we found Smriti Irani on the computers in the Hotel lobby. She refused to take any questions. The Hotel receptionist said said the internet browsing history revealed that Ms. Irani was confused if Tokyo University was better than Kyoto university to get a new qualification while she was there.