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6th grade student surprises everyone by not selecting IIT coaching as extracurricular activity

09, Feb 2014 By chaitu

Hyderabad. 6th grade student, Vidyarthi, who is studying in Young Dreams of IIT School has surprised everyone by not selecting IIT as his extracurricular activity.

IITians making India proud everytime.
Feeling ignored

Getting into the details, school provides every student a list of extracurricular activities from which they have to select an option depending on their personal interests. While most of the students don’t even know the other options available and blindly click on IIT, Vidyarthi selected music as his option.

When FN tried to contact the Principal of the school, he said, “We just add other options in the list just because of the regulations by the Board of education. Now we have to find a new Music teacher”.

While on the other hand Vidyarthi’s fellow students started bullying him for not aspiring for IIT. People were shouting “Dekh Dekh woh NON-IIT wala jaa raha hai.” While few students found it even surprising to know that there were other options available apart from IIT coaching in the extracurricular activities.

FN overheard few students talking and one of such reaction was, “My Pappa always says that the we have to aim only for IIT or at least an NIT no matter what. Even if we get into a course like “Paper and Pulp Engineering”, we will get a computer job it seems where we will get more money than other computer sciences students studying in normal colleges. And after that if we do an MBA we can become writers and tell people how to live their life.”

This news came as a major shock to Vidyarthi’s parents. His mother talked to FN saying, “Last time when my 5th cousin visited our house, her 4th grade son already started showing early signs of an IITian by solving a problem of my son’s class. Now what shall we do?” sobbed his mother.

While Vidyarthi’s father was too furious on his son’s decision. Reportedly it was not even a week since he opened an FB account of his son and joined him to the group “2020 IIT Aspirants”.

Reportedly Vidyarthi’s parents are planning to take him to the temple of Basara near Hyderabad. They’re hoping that atleast after darshan of Maa Saraswathi, her son will change his decision and select IIT as his extracurricular.