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40+ feminist wives are fighting against discrimination in dhoti case

18, Jul 2014 By Fakerazzi

Many feminists are incensed at the apparent injustice meted out by the haughty clubs against them by not enforcing dress code for females.

We all know that men can only enter clubs if they fit a narrow definition of gentlemen wearing  a proper English dress. In case of women, there is no such restrictions. They can wear Saree, Sarong, Suit, Slacks, Skirts, two piece, three piece, no piece, single piece, full piece and any other combination of choo-choo, chchoo-chchoo, liberty or freedom shoes, sandles or slippers or whatever.

As per feminists of south delhi and malabar hils fame, this robs them of exclusivity. Without a defined dress, anyone can enter clubs.  This allows male folks to enter clubs with any wannabe on their arms irrespective of her dress. The married among them thinks that this also promotes infidelity among men as they are not forced to go with their heavily dented and heavily painted former trophy wives. The unmarried ones thinks that their talents to land an awesome dress as V-day gift is not getting appreciated.

These have together thus decided to launch an anti-discrimination drive. Their leaders are Shobha De, Preity Zinta, Shazia Ilmi and Brinda Karat. Their demand is that clubs should restrict entry to only gown wearing females. The gown must have been from a designer who has featured in at least one foreign fashion show and participated in each of the LIFW held till now. As for shoes, only the shoes made from the skin of organically raised animals should be allowed. No one without 5 layers of makeup and 5 pieces of Jewellery should be allowed in.  An exception can be made of those who are carrying a shopping bag and the bill of $2000 minimum and a proof that it wasn’t paid from their pocket.