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3kg onions found in man’s underwear

23, Aug 2013 By Ishan Bhatkoti

NEW DELHI: Underwears have found a new role in smuggling. Delhi Police has seized 3kg onions from undergarment of a city-based vegetable supplier in West Delhi.

Pyaaza whose name has been changed, hails from Narela and is a regular vegetable supplier. Earlier in the morning while he was smuggling precious onions and other exotic vegetables, he chose to bypass inner Ring Road where he was asked to show his ID and driving licence by the police.

Upon physical checking by the police officers, it was discovered that Pyaaza has more number of balls to which he replied in negative. Later, when police frisked him, they found onions dropping from his tightly tied lungi.

“Pyaaza is a stinky liar. He was wearing an onion skirt and still he was denying. Onions weighing 1kg were wrapped around the lower waist-line while rest 2kg were adjusted in the underwear. He is under police custody now and inquiries are on. As a vegetable supplier, he has customized all his clothes, especially the undergarments,” said the police offer investigating the case.

Further investigations revealed that Pyaaza is a BJP follower and he was carrying onions only to auction them at lesser prices than Congress. This has led to a war of words and tweets between the government and BJP.

Making best use of the opportunity, Congress spokesperson said that BJP is the one who smuggles and later sell them only to show how bad we are. BJP replied to it by saying that there is no harm in stealing. Congress has done enough of it, now it’s our turn to steal and sell.

According to sources, BJP and other parties plan to raise the stinky and expensive issue in the parliament.