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350 crore Aadhar Cards and 420 crore PAN Cards deactivated

18, Aug 2017 By MrIndia

The central government has deactivated vast number of Aadhar and PAN cards with immediate effect. According to UIDAI Aadhar cannot be faked and therefore, all fake Aadhar cards are henceforth blocked. The agency estimates that there are about 260 crore remaining Aadhar cards that are active, which is about 2 cards per citizen. UIDAI chairman Satyanarayana assured “these are genuine cards”.

The income tax department also shot a wad and blocked 420 crore PAN cards. They released a notice saying these are not linked to the Aadhar cards. Apparently only 260 crore PAN cards are linked to Aadhar cards.

Tommy Singh worried about his Aadhar Card
Tommy Singh worried about his Aadhar Card

Tax minister Arun Jaitley quipped “We got rid of all duplicate cards leaving behind only 2 cards person! This is a success!”

New Pakistani PM expressed outrage at it “deactivating 20 crore pakistani Aadhar cards is against international law! We paid Rs.100 for each card!” His foreign secretary requested India’s Reserve Bank “please speed up linking bank accounts and Aadhar cards! Our hackers are waiting too long to siphon of all your bank accounts!”

BJP general secretary said “only political donations to BJP are exempt from PAN, Aadhar or address details.”

TN Chief Minister declared “Jayalalithaa had only one Aadhar and PAN card. This raises suspicion on her death! We will launch a probe immediately!”. Reacting to it, Dinakaran claimed “without jailed Sasikala’s permission a government has no right to do such thing!”. The third faction headed by O PANnerselvam flew to mumbai to meet Amit Shah. They requested him not to deactivate their multiple Aadhar and PAN cards, in exchange for election coalition.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said, “We introduced Aadhar card. Hence, only we have a right to issue or deactivate fake cards!”

PM Modi is on the way returning from Switzerland to meet Yogi Adityanath. Yogi will hand him over a scripted speech on fake Aadhar cards.