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30 years old Shaina mentally collapses, when not inquired about her never married status

13, Oct 2014 By Dreamm_Gal

Lately turned 30, rarely found unmarried Indian girl broke down into tears and collapsed in a family function when no one pestered her about her marital/relationship status. Her family, with the help of attendees immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and got her admitted in a psychiatric ward.

While her parents were busy with doctor, Faking News managed to interview one of her neighbors. Mrs. Sharma (name changed due to privacy concern) who was already peeping into camera told us that Shaina was a jovial and very confident girl. She held the mike tightly and recalled that Shaina was not that happy and excited during the wedding of her 23 years old cousin. According to her she was depressed because all her friends and cousins got married at young age and she is still struggling to find her Mr. Right.

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Her office friend, Meenakshi showed in her smartphone that she had 389 friends in Facebook and 278 of them were of opposite sex; still she was unable to manage a boyfriend, let alone a husband!

Meenakshi further claimed that her friends considered her a loser and failure, because she spent her weekends in doing non-boyfriend stuff such as cooking, washing, and sleeping.

On the other hand, Shaina’s family members had a different story to tell. In their opinion, their daughter was one among lakhs, but the only barrier between her and groom was her dull complexion.

Her father showed the bills he paid to fate turners such as VLCC, Kaya Skin Clinic, Fair & Lovely etc. He was literally cursing these clinics to eat up his money and leaving his daughter helpless to this cruel world.

Her mother was bluntly blaming Shaina’s father for the series of rejections her daughter went through, because he is dark skinned.

After Shaina came to senses, Faking News team rushed to interview her. Our team got astounded when Shaina unveiled the cause behind her getting emotional breakdown in the midst of wedding celebration. With wet eyes she recalled that how she was emotionally touched when she was not approached by any one asking reasons for her being unmarried.

She did not remember a single day when she was not knocked by some random person inquiring her no more personal life. Everyone, right from maid at home to boss in office asked the same awfully repeated question. She said that these questions had become a part of her life and she was expecting more in the wedding ceremony; she even practiced whole day to prepare multiple suitable answers, but all in vain.

Shaina changed her position in the hospital bed and continued how she was disappointed that evening and decided to leave the wedding hall when people departed without inquiring about her marital or relationship status. On top of these unpleasant happenings, one of the attendees (partial relative) asked her for food and nothing else!

She was choked with unexpected behavior and could not help but cried loudly. Seeing her crying at cheerful situation, she was considered abnormal, and without delay carried to the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile our senior reporter caught the doctor in lift and questioned more. He said that she needs to avoid this particular set of people who don’t have time to interfere in other’s life.

For her quick recovery, he suggested her parents to hire a few people of different age group and train them to ask random marriage related questions such as – why you are single? when you are going to marry? who you think can give you the fitment? is everything all-right with you and blah blah.