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2500 year old Woodland shoe found while digging a site near Harappa

06, Nov 2014 By gauti

A major discovery is said to be made at a site near Harappa where a historian is said to have found a 2500 year Woodland shoe. Dr. Shyamsundar Joshi, a renowned historian, was at a digging site near Harappa.

The day was going very normal and boring when suddenly a worker, Sukhbir, dug out a shoe with Woodland engraved on it. For a moment there was a situation of panic and confusion considering someone lost it recently. But later in the evening, Dr. Shyamsundar, confirmed its approximate age to be 2500 years after studying the patterns on it.

Dr. Shyamsundar has given his theory on the discovery. He told the press that the people living in the times of Indus Valley Civilisation very talented and had their ways to curb problems. He dismissed the earlier claims of several historians that the early people never wore footwear or they used footwear made up of wood. He also claims that the inscriptions showing wooden footwear wore by people were not actually wooden but was a symbolic representation of Woodland footwear.

The news has taken everyone by surprise and has significantly taken Woodland’s market value to a new height. PM called in a joint press conference with the owner of Woodland and congratulated him on this historic event. Also he emphasised on MAKE IN INDIA campaign and the event has given a huge boost to the campaign.