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21 year old suffers Stiff Person Syndrome on first day of internship

12, Jul 2014 By internatoffice

Anish Raheja, a 21 year old EXTC engineering student from Mumbai University recently acquired an internship at a very reputed firm. Albeit this internship profile had nothing to do with his curriculum, he made desperate attempts to get his uncle to set him up at this company and finally scored the internship.

Anish was very excited and reached before time on his first day only to find out that his project head was on a sick leave for the day. He somehow made it to the desk and sat there all day observing the on goings. Petrified by people thrice his age, he had a hard time controlling his yawning and stretching until lunch time until he was introduced to 42 year old Pratik Ahuja. Delighted by the presence of someone young in this office, Anish forgot about lunch.

After reading novels, sketching, looking at the cute 30 year old girl and day dreaming about his pompous plans to fly off to USA, he realized its 4.55 pm and he could finally leave! On this realization, he tried getting out of his chair and was astounded when he couldn’t move a limb. Sitting in office all day doing nothing had given him the Stiff person syndrome. He was admitted to BabuBaby hospital immediately.

86 year old Kaka Gujarati claimed he had observed the infant reading novels and being engrossed to an extent that he hadn’t been disturbed by the discordant chattering of a Gujju lunch group next to him at Lunch time.

87 year old Narendra Bhai helped Anish reach the hospital. Office staff was very helpful that way.

Anish is now recovering and will be back to pavilion soon!