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20 new IITs in India are actually a plot by Pakistan

06, Dec 2012 By bwoyblunder

Recently Government of India had approved plans for 20 additional IITs in India, at a total Cost of Rs 2,808.71 crore. The rationale behind this sudden development was being speculated in political as well as media circles, but no firm conclusion was being arrived at.

Faking News has finally got its hands on a taped discussion between Top Bosses of Pakistani Spy Agency ISI. The conversations reveal that the New IITs are an elaborate scheme hatched by the Pakistan Intelligence and pushed through Indian Power corridors by Lobbyists.

From the tape, we reproduce following reasons why Pakistan wants more IITs in India:

A. More IITs, less Doctors.

With More IITs, more Brilliant students will get entrance into Engineering Colleges. Hence very few or negligible amount of Brilliant students will join the Medical Stream and become Doctors.

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Fewer/Below-Par Doctors will be a major concern for India when they have to tend to sick and wounded in times of Terror Attacks and Wars. Thus maximizing damage of such Pakistani Operations

B. More Engineers, Less Indians

Pakistan had made a deep study of the Pattern of IIT graduates in India. Most of them move abroad for jobs or further studies and end up never coming back to India.

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Thus IITs manage to rid India of its smartest brains. Pakistani Intelligence Bureau may finally come close to matching IQ with Indian Counterparts. This move will help in undoing the Damage caused my movies like Swades.

C. 20 new Terror Targets

Each IIT will have more than a Thousand students. Such a concentration of the brightest minds India has to offer, can be a very tempting target for Pakistan. Thus 20 new IITs will result in 20 new Terror targets.

D. Lower Population growth

Pakistani studies have shown that IIT Engineers are by far the most awkward around girls. Also, the Girls who get into IITs are most unlikely to be entwined in a Relationship, thanks to excessive studying and Fat Spectacles.

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Thus the number of Unmarried Males and Females will see a sharp rise, due to Higher number of IIT engineers. Lesser Marriages will result in lesser babies, thus lesser Indians. And thats Pakistan’s primary aim, to bring down the number of Indians, by whichever way possible.

We broke this news to Political leaders across the spectrum, but nobody is willing to speak against the 20 new IITs. Deeper investigation revealed that almost all MPs have some or the other relation, who has NOW become an “IIT Aspirant” and these 20 new IITs could be their only chance to get a respectable Degree.