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100% FDI In INDIAN Government

26, Sep 2012 By becharabhartiya

Following up on its decision to allow 51% FDI in multi brand retail, the UPA government is now thinking hard to push its agenda of reforms by introducing a path-breaking reform in Government by allowing up to 100% FDI in Government.

By this way, rich or / and rogue foreign American and European Governments, foreign rich business tycoons, rich Arab sheikhs and oil dealers and even underworld dons and terrorist organizations will be able to buy up to 100% stake in the Indian Government.

Union minister for Law, Salman Khursheed have been asked by Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi to draft the required legislation for this proposal so that the respective bill can be passed in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament itself.

According to confirmed sources in Congress, this proposal was initiated by Rahul Gandhi (on an idea given by Digvijay Singh) and was immediately supported by Anand Sharma – union minister for commerce and ministry).

Government proposes to raise up to 100 billion $ through this investment proposal. 50% of this proposed income will be accounted as private income of all the central Government ministers and rest 50% will be released as a royalty to Rahul Gandhi for proposing this path breaking idea. “There will be no public right over this revenue” confirms Kapil Sibal, trying to hide his smile.

Sources further claim that apart from revenues, this proposal will also ease the over worked ministers as they can then handover their respective portfolios to the investors and then enjoy with the personal lives for at least next 5 years.

According to Manish Tiwari, UPA Government is thinking of roping former IPL chairman – Lalit Modi to hold auctions for different ministry portfolios so that the Government can raise the target investments.

There is considerable excitement, especially in underworld and terrorist organizations. “ we plan to form a joint venture with Lashkar –e- Taiaba and pitch for the Home Ministry of Indian Government”, says Chota Bhai, a trusted aide of Dawood Ibrahimn.

Digvijay Singh adds, with this bold step, not only the Government would be able to raise investments, it will also help eradicate corruption and control deflation as then the ministers would not need to indulge in any scam what so ever.

He however has no answers, when it was asked if there would be any rules to check misuse of powers or corruption by the foreign investors. Though he hinted that like an open capital market, the foreign investors in the Government should be allowed to have a free run so that they can get ideal return on their investments.

Meanwhile, being almost sure of ISI in collusion with D company and Lashkar bidding and winning the Home Department of Government of India, Ajmal Kasab have sent a telegram to the UPA Government, specifically thanking Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh on their far sightedness.