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Shiv Sena publishes rate card for Face Blackening service

16, Oct 2015 By Harsh

Mumbai: After hugely successful book launch and subsequent sell of Ex-Pak Minister Kasuri’s book in Mumbai, demand of face blackening service has gone up. Many budding writers and some not so famous old writers are in look out for some kind of face blacking before their book launch.

The top rated service. Full Face Paint.
The top rated service. Full Face Paint.

Keeping in mind of huge demand of the service, Shiv Sena has come up with rate card. This will ensure availability of nearest leader and timely face blackening of writers. The money collected with this service will be used to buy durable Hockey Sticks for providing advanced version of this service.

Ketan Prakash is a full time writer. He has spent years writing meaningful stories for films.But his writing took him nowhere(actually he had to shift from Andheri to Nallasopara in last 15 years). No film maker was ready to make film where story is the heart of it. They would rather go with unrealistic beautiful faces, foreign locations and catchy one liners plus some item songs.

He then decided to write novel and after securing a publisher he was looking for means of publicity. He saw the recent event where Shiv Sena helped a forgotten activist and a foreign national.

He elaborated, “The intervention by Shiv Sena not only brings the topic on the front page but also give targeted person enough spotlight”. “Minor physical dis-comfort or some damaged limbs is small cost to pay for such publicity”. He has already booked one local corporator for himself before his book launch.On his request corporator also agreed to beat him on traffic signal along with his supporters. Corporator was kind enough to give him 20% Diwali discount on listed rate.

Top leaders of Shiv sena are eager to serve people of other states with this new service as well.