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Why don't aliens come to Earth?

17, Dec 2012 By milanshah

NASA has been trying hard to dial the number of alien civilization Living Far Far Away but the Universal Telecom service provider always reply the same “The number You are dialing does not exist.”

Very well,It seems Our Alien brothers have been scared of by some “Unique” Personalities of Earth Thats why they are not coming to Earth.

Let me tell you about these guys who have been succeeded in scaring Green [Say No To Racism!!!!] Aliens:

Scary Person No-1:Shah Rukh Khan

After watching one of the costliest movie of Bollywood Ra.One, Aliens have been scared like Hell that if they dare to come to Earth and by chance they Come in India Bollywood will give them DVD sets of such Bollywood movies as a souvenir to aliens. And Not just DVD sets but Filmfare awards will be held on their planet and the host will be undoubtedly Shah Rukh Khan. After watching Shah Rukh Khan’s activity in Last filmfare award

No wonder Why Aliens are not coming in India.

Scary Person No-2:Justin Bieber

By watching such music videos Aliens doubt that humans call their children by singing such songs. Not just Aliens Adults but their babies also do not like to be called in such way. Aliens have  passed the bill not to visit Earth unlessHumans learn to respect babies.

Scary Person No-3: Ramesh And Suresh

Our alien Friends have not understood why Spartans were wearing such shorts in Movie 300 But after watching careless activity of Ramesh and Suresh Aliens are thinking that what happen if we accidentally eat 5 star chocolates? We will end up sewing shorts for our Pitaji [Fathers] instead of Full pants!!! Since Father has very respect in alien civilization they are afraid of 5 Star chocolates.

Scary Person No-4: Himesh Reshammiya

After haring his “Nose-singing” and watching Himesh as an actor in five films, Aliens have been visiting Psychiatrists for treatment and the more shocking news for them is Not one or two but Six Films of Himesh Reshmmiya are going to release in 2012. No private alien companies are ready to take the risk and give Financial support in building Alien Spaceship so Project earth have been scrapped.


News:Six films of Himesh in 2012!!!

Mayans to people:We told you so!!

Scary Person No-5:The POPE

Aliens have been thinking that Movie Resident evil is just a SCI-FI movie. Neither T-Virus nor Umbrella corporation exist on Earth But recent evidence the have found Not just Umbrella Corporation Exist but its brand Ambassador also exist and he is none other than The POPE.

Scary person no-6:Rakhi Sawant

Watching Rakhi Sawant ka swayamvar was unbearable pain For Aliens and now rumors have been spread among aliens that If they will dare to come to Earth Rakhi Sawant will announce her “Alien version Of Rakhi ka Swayamvar” not just this but, News Channel India TV will telecast  special Programme on this serial. What will be the Headlines?

“Konsa Alien aayega Safed Spaceship me Rakhi ko lene?”

“Kon le jayega Rakhi ko Saat Galaxies Par?”

“Konsa Planet banega Rakhi ka Sasural?”

  Janane ke liye dekhiye INDIA TV raat 8 baje.

Poor Aliens………….

After knowing all this Aliens were in doubt whether to do such daring Like Munnabhai or just not to come on planet earth. To validate human’s hospitality and kindness aliens have decided to call one person on earth. But after hearing reply from that person, they just passed the bill in parliament never ever go to Earth. You know Whom did they Call?????

Last but not the Least Scary person no-7: BABURAO

So, Don’t expect that Aliens will ever come to our planet. Adios…