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Why are men mostly funnier than women

14, Jan 2013 By Pishaachini

Have you ever thought about it? No, really… you might have heard women saying, “OMG, I really like that man. He is cute, charming and above all funny!” But have you ever heard a man telling his peers, “Hey, she is sexy, a lady and boy does she know how to make a person laugh”? No? I guessed so… On an average, Women are less funnier than men. I have tried to analyse why, and come up with the following arguments.

1) Men are funnier because Mother Nature has not been kind to them. An average man is not part of the fantasies of the fairer sex while the opposite is not true. Men have from time immemorial tried to attract the attention of women in various ways. And let’s agree on one point – they are not dashing enough to be given a 2nd look on a vacant street corner. Their only chance, that tiny sliver of hope to impress a woman depends on being funny. Atleast that warrants that the woman will talk to him again. Friendzoning is a side-effect which is normally neglected by the male species and many suffer because of this.

2) Men laugh at anything. Most of the “funny men” are those who have been funny in their male circles for long.  They think they are funny, but actually most of them are not. Their “subjects” will giggle at every lame attempt at humour right from a white-stained shirt to a fart – they laugh at anything which is around the same PIN code as funny. Women on the other hand are not easily amused. The level of humour which a woman likes is different from what most of these “funny men” can afford. In fact, women are quicker to point the unfunny part or the “lame” part of a joke. So while most men identify things which are funny, women identify things which are unfunny which automatically leaves them a bit wanting in the humour department.

3) Humour is a sign of intelligence. Many women are brought up with a staple diet of “don’t appear too bright or you will not find a right man” from their childhood. Heck, I could go forward and say that men don’t want women to be funny so that they can show-off this intelligence. They want women to be their audience and not their rivals. Women are too smart and oblige.

Being humorous is to men what being pretty is to women. Not everyone is born with the desired thing, not everyone acquired it, but most of the people who possess it have no reason to be unhappy. The greatest tragedy in the world is that you don’t find enough pretty faces around and enough humorous guys around.  You will seldom find someone Pretty AND Humorous. So next time you say that women are less funnier than men, it would probably be due to your insecurity of being less pretty (if not UGLY). 🙂